Messa nel Duomo

on Sunday, April 25, 2010

I woke up early this morning to attend mass at the Duomo to pray to my dad and grandfather. Rachel, one of my friends here, goes to mass regularly so I asked to join her and she was more than happy let me tag along. The service itself was really nice and fortunately I understood most of the Italian. The highlight though was when Rachel gave me a letter that her grandfather had written for his grandchildren with advice for them. She said they didn't find the letter until after his death when they were cleaning the desk in his office and it was a really nice gesture for her to give me a copy.

After mass, we went to Burger King and ate at a park since it was so nice out. I then headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon studying accounting and analyzing financial statements for the pre-training exam that I have coming up for JPMorgan. I submitted my group rankings last week and am now waiting to hear back to see where I will spend my summer and potentially, the next 2 years of my life following my graduation. After ranking the groups, I spoke to even more people from the different groups and I would love the opportunity to work at any of my top choices. Today I also had the chance to talk to my mom for an hour on the phone which was really nice- I can never really get enough of my family! I think I wrote about it before, but Francisco was hoping to study abroad in Brazil next semester; however, the program told him last minute that they were no longer taking students so he had to look for a new program and decided on going to Ecuador. I hope that he gets into the program, because he is really excited to go.

Two nights ago I went shopping with a friend named Daniel because he had heard of some outlets in the north of Milan. After shopping, Oscar invited us to an aperitivo and it was really good- the food, the ambiance, the company... it was all wonderful! We finished off the evening at Oscar's house for a little get-together and then we all went to Limelight for some dancing. Overall it was a great day, but I wanted to post a picture from the aperitivo because they seated us in the center of the restaurant on a huge round table on a platform and it was really cool!

I will try to post entries about Sicily and the Champion's League soccer match this week so stay tuned!



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