Entourage, Night Life and La Scala

on Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The weather in Milan has been pretty terrible the past week, but it has not slowed me down. Last Thursday I went to a club called Le Banque for its closing night since the owners open up an outdoor location for the summer season. Oscar had a friend from Sweden visiting so a group of us went together. On Friday, Tomas and Keli (both from Iceland) had a group of us over for dinner and it was awesome. Tomas turned out to be a pro in the kitchen and made some wonderful steaks with a mushroom sauce. After the great dinner Jaap and I went to Oscar's apartment for a short celebration for his roommates (Giulia) birthday. To celebrate they wanted to play beer pong, the american college party game. As I was the only American there, they made me play the first game in the hopes that they would be able to say that they beat an American. Unfortunately for them, they didn't have beginners luck and Jaap and I came out on top. Afterward, we headed to Karma for the opening night. I was looking forward to Karma, because a friend who was here last semester from Wharton had told me that it was his favorite club to go to. I ended up having a great time and definitely want to go back again. The place was HUGE and had a ton of open outdoor areas so it will be even better when the weather gets nicer. 

I had also been looking forward to Friday for a very long time because it was when I would be hearing which group at JPMorgan I would be working at. While I was at Karma I texted Francisco and asked him to check my email for me to see if they had sent it yet. I was ecstatic when he replied telling me that I would be joining the Consumer & Retail group!! I really wanted to work in the group and I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason so I was very excited. After we left Karma we got a piadina hamburger from a food cart around the corner and it was really good. A piadina is like a big tortilla so it was basically like a hamburger with lettuce and tomato except in a wrap. 

I am really excited to be going back to NYC this summer. Francisco and Kayla might be coming to visit at the beginning of the summer as soon as we get back from Italy and it would be a lot of fun. Last summer I was overwhelmed with work and living there and everything but I am really excited to be going back. You can see the JPMorgan building in the picture below... it is to the left of the MetLife building with the top that looks like a crown.

On Saturday Marine wanted to take me to a place called Luini's for panzerotti.  A panzerotto is a pastry that is like the combination of a calzone, an empanada, and a donut. Filled with mozzarella and prosciutto or other fillings it was absolutely amazing and I will be returning again and again. As soon as I had it I was excited to go with my brother who arrives in 1 week. Since we like most of the same foods I know that he will love them. Later that evening I went to Bar Milano which is an aperitivo with a group of friends and I had a great time. Emelie, a friend from Sweden, had 2 friends visiting her so it was fun talking to them. I am always amazed at how well all of the Swedes I have met speak English. They are all literally at least bilingual and it's great- I wish the US was like that with Spanish! After we left Bar Milano we all went to a bar called Cream and had a drink. The bartenders there were crazy and filled the glasses up 98% of the way with alcohol before adding any other juices/colas/mixers so if someone is in Milan and wants a bar with good value I know just the place. I was planning on going home after Cream since I had been out the previous 2 nights and thought it'd be good to go to bed before 5am. My friends talked me into going to Just Cavalli with me though and I couldn't say no after they offered to pay for me to get in. On the way home we all stopped for another piadina hamburger... yes, it is THAT good. 

I spent most of the day Sunday watching Entourage but I took a break to study for and take the test for JPMorgan. I knew most of the material but had a couple typos so I didn't do as well as I could have. I did pass though so that's good. From Thursday to Sunday I watched seasons 2-4 of Entourage and I still can't make myself stop watching. I downloaded a program called uTorrent just to download the shows and I absolutely love it. You may remember that I watched the first season in January at the airport on the way to Milan. I would have to say that it is definitely my favorite TV show. So far this week I have watched the 5th season and am working on the 6th season. The 7th season will start being aired on HBO this summer and I am really excited to watch it. 

On Monday I didn't have any classes since my Innovation class ended and my only other class that day was cancelled. It was great to be able to relax and hang out without having to go to a lecture. Not surprisingly I spent most of the day glued to the computer screen watching Entourage.

I also had a great week because yesterday I went to watch an opera at La Scala and it was free. It was a rehearsal for a German Opera and it was awesome to see it in the most famous opera house in the world. My favorite part was the music played by the orchestra and I would love to go to a concert or ballet with my brother while he is here. I was disappointed earlier in the day because I had class while the tickets were distributed and I did not think I was going to be able to go so I came home to watch Entourage. During class there was a huge thunderstorm and my phone must have stopped working because while I was home I realized it didn't have any signal. As soon as I restarted it I received a text that Oscar had sent earlier in the day saying that he had gotten me a ticket if I could get there by 7pm. When I saw the text it was already 6:30pm so I went outside and ran toward the opera house until I got to the nearest taxi stand. I am glad I restarted my phone because I almost missed the amazing opportunity! After the show we went to McDonald's for a cheap dinner and then to Oscar's for a small get-together. 

Two days ago Johan and I booked a trip to Barcelona so I am also REALLY REALLY REALLY excited for that. It is definitely a city I didn't want to leave Europe without visiting so it was a great feeling to book the flights. As long as the volcano in Iceland doesn't disrupt the trip it should be a great time! I have spoken to Juan, my mom, and Francisco quite a bit this week and it has been great. Family really is one of the few things in life that you can ALWAYS count on. Love you guys! One of Juan's friends is going through a rough patch so I hope that everything goes well for him. 

I haven't been taking that many pictures lately but I hope to start up again in Barcelona so that my posts are more appealing to the eyes! I was also just taking a look through the old picture I have on my computer from my old phones and I almost forgot about the Philadelphia Eagles game that Sim and I went to last year! Those are some great memories!


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