2nd Week

on Friday, February 5, 2010

**Note: I wrote this entry on Jan. 31st but didn't have internet access**

It has been several days since my last entry but I am still doing well and am continuing to get settled in. I was finally able to find an apartment a few days ago and I moved in today so that takes a lot of stress out of my life! My address is Via Castelbarco 9, Milan, Italy so if you look it up in google maps at http://www.maps.google.com/, you’ll see that it’s only a block away from school (Via Sarfatti 25), which is super convenient. The apartment has 3 bedrooms but right now only a really nice French girl and I live here. Something that is really interesting is that barely anyone here owns a dryer so they air-dry all of their clothes and then iron everything to soften and unwrinkled it. I can’t imagine how much energy they save by not running drying machines. The room that I chose has a pretty big balcony that faces the city which is awesome. My room also has a spare bed that pulls out from under my bed so if any of you don’t have any spring break plans yet, you should definitely come stay with me in Milan!!!!

The first week of the intensive Italian language course went well and the teacher is nice. We usually get a few pages of homework to do at night but I usually find that between exploring the city and meeting new people, I just simply don’t have enough time to do it. Speaking to my peers in Italian is a much more effective way of learning the language, so I try to speak as much as possible to make up for the homework!
On Thursday night I went out to a club called Hollywood with a few friends from school and had a pretty good time. There were supposed to be a lot of international students from my school there but I didn’t meet anyone new, so that was rather disappointing. All of the music they played was American though, which I found interesting- I guess that’s why it’s called Hollywood. Apparently Adriano (the Brazilian soccer player) used to always go there when he played for Inter and it was one of the reasons they let him go. Manchester United and Chelsea are both playing in Milan in a few weeks for the Champions League so I really want to make it to at least one of those games! For me, it’d be the equivalent of going to game 7 of the World Series or the Super Bowl!

This weekend I went to the aquarium here in Milan and had a lot of fun. It was free, which was a pleasant surprise since I wasn’t expecting it. So far, the main highlights of what I have seen are The Duomo (the cathedral which was built in 1386), Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, the Galleria (the world’s oldest shopping mall), and a castle near the Duomo. I have passed by the Duomo several times on the tram and it still amazes me- It is easily the most incredible building I have ever seen. Seeing The Last Supper was also pretty amazing since the painting is so famous. I had always seen pictures of it and I never realized that it is a mural painted on the inside of a church. Unfortunately they didn’t allow photography, so I don’t have a picture of it!!!

I hope you are all doing well!
Peace and Love.


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