New Edition (Post #9)

on Friday, February 26, 2010

As you can tell from the new layout of my blog and the video above, I am learning to customize and embed videos on here. I am now uploading my videos to YouTube so that it'll be easier to post them here so hopefully that'll make this more fun to read.

This week flew by and it's hard to believe that it's already the weekend. I think tomorrow I am going to Bergamo for a day-trip but we still haven't officially decided on anything. The Milan Fashion Week (one of the big 4 around the world) starts this week so maybe we will be able to see something interesting, although the official events are all closed to the public. The other 3 big fashion shows around the world are New York, London, and Paris. After being here for 5 weeks I have begun to get a better sense of the way people dress here and I think overall people dress much nicer here than in America (though we all probably already knew that). I filed my taxes yesterday and am going to be getting money back and I think I am going to spend some of it on new clothes. Unfortunately, everything here is really expensive so I probably won't buy too many things but it should be interesting. The fashion culture here is really different than at home because it seems like everyone puts a lot of thought into what they wear and that is simply not the case in the US.

It seems like EVERYONE here wears super shiny winter jackets haha even the little girl in the picture is wearing one!

I also just realized that I have been eating out a lot lately! On Monday, I went out for a friends birthday, on Tuesday I went Iguana again,  and Wednesday I went to an Irish restaurant to watch the Champions League (Inter beat Chealsea 2-1 here in Milan!!). Again, I was unable to get tickets to the soccer game but the atmosphere was electric at the restaurant. Sky Sports (basically the British version of ESPN) was at the restaurant trying to interview Chelsea (a British team) fans, but I think they were in the wrong place because 99% of the place was cheering for Inter. After both of Inter's goals the entire restaurant was practically shaking and I couldn't help but join in on the screaming and jumping. After the game we all went to a club called Old Fashion and we all had a great night. I had heard that it was a cool place, but so far it was definitely the most fun I have had. Great music, great people, great night.

Since I don't have classes on Fridays, my school week is over and it is nice to be able to get a little bit more sleep and relax. This morning I had to go the northern part of Milan with Marine, my french roommate, to get a codice fiscale which our landlord has been requesting for weeks now. Most people here need one for tax purposes but it is very unusual for someone who is only here for 6 months to get one so hopefully they don't try to make us pay taxes or something. After we were done getting the paper we went to Burger King next to the Duomo since she had never been there before!

Look at how expensive the burgers are (nearly $8.50)!

Tonight I am going out to an aperitivo and then probably out to a discoteca so that should be fun! If any of you have any suggestions or recommendations for trips I should make leave a comment on this post! Have a great weekend!

Here is a cool video from the subway station at the Duomo, it's a piano!


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