on Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today I didn’t go to class because I am trying to fight off a cold. Luckily one of the employees at the pharmacy spoke English so I was able to find what I was looking for! I initially tried speaking in Italian but was only able to say I was sick but couldn’t figure out how to specifically say what was hurting and they didn’t recognize the name of the medicine I was looking for. I guess these cultural experiences are what I signed up for, so no complaints here!!

Yesterday I finally went to my first aperitivo here in Italy. I had heard of the aperitivo from my Italian class at Penn as well as some of friends who had studied abroad here or visited Italy. The aperitivo is the Italian version of the happy hour and it consists of a free buffet (which is great when you’re on a tight budget). It’s not really a happy hour but there’s no other word that I can think of to explain it. It is supposed to be like a pre-dinner socializing time to have a drink with friends, but it seems like the younger crowd uses it as their dinner to save money. Milan is the aperitivo capital of Italy so I’m glad I liked it because you can go to one on almost every corner! I’ve heard of some places that are completely free but the one I went to, like most of them, comes with the free buffet after you buy a drink. We got there early because we were hungry, but as we were leaving we realized that the food is constantly changing and that the food seemed to get better as time went on.

Tomorrow I am getting up early because I am going on a trip to Siena. I decided to go on the trip because I am feeling a lot better now and I think the medicine I got is really working well. I think that seeing something new and exciting will help my body feel better too. I am excited to see my first city in Italy outside of Milan! I am also curious to see what the trains here are like since I will probably be spending a lot of time on them as I begin to travel more extensively. Depending on how the day goes tomorrow, I might go to another city the following day and then make it home on Friday, in time for my trip to Venice on Saturday.

I will charge my camera tonight so I can take a lot of pictures and then if I get internet at the hotel I will try to post some pictures to my blog so that you can see some of the cool things I have been viewing. I initially planned on posting more pictures and videos and less text but so far that hasn’t really worked out that well because of my lack of internet but hopefully I will be able to post more media since that’s the really fun stuff to see.

It seems like Philly and Minnesota are both being blanketed with snow these days so stay warm!!


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