AC Milan!

on Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ciao i miei amici!

This weekend I did not go to Bergamo but I still managed to have quite an eventful weekend here in Milano! Tonight I was able to catch the overtime of USA v. Canada gold medal hockey game, and although Canada ended up winning it was fun to see Team USA represent us proudly! 

Haha here is a picture of my beloved Nutella!

On Friday I went to an aperitivo with a few friends and met a few new people there. We all ended up coming back to my apartment for a pre-party before heading downstairs to the club below my apartment, which is called Limelight. I think everyone had a great time here so I am glad that it ended up going well. I had heard that the music at Limelight was always super loud and it ended up being true. Next time I will need to bring earplugs with me cuz going there too often could probably lead to some serious damage! It was really fun though and the place was surprisingly big!

Saturday I went shopping near the Duomo and bought a pair of shoes, 2 pants, and a shirt so it was kind of like a shopping spree for me. I really like the shoes, but I need to figure out what I can wear them with, hopefully me 2 roommates can help me out! The rest of the day I just relaxed here at home and made some pasta and salad for dinner which was really good. The frozen pasta here is really really good so when I get back to America I will need to see if they sell the same one!

Today I woke up and cleaned my room a little bit and then went to watch AC Milan play and it was incredible. Here in Italy the team is simply referred to as Milan (with emphasis on the I rather than the A like in English). Seeing Ronaldinho play in person for the first time was awesome and surreal. Just seeing him kick the ball around during warm ups was worth the 34 ticket! If you've seen his Nike commercial where he hits the post 3 times in a row from nearly half field, its not edited- He basically did the same thing during warm ups. It only took him 3 tries to hit the cross bar from like 40 meters away! 

Some of the other players I saw were Nesta, Gattuso, Beckham, Pirlo, Pato, Zambrotta, and Thiago Silva! It was like watching an all-star game! Pato, who plays for the Brazilian national team and is younger than me by 9 months, scored the first 2 goals for Milan and Borriello scored the 3rd on a rebound from a missed by Ronaldinho to make it 3-1. It was a lot of fun and I definitely want to go back to see them play at least a couple more times. Here in Milano, you can only cheer for Inter or Milan and after this game I can definitely say that I am more of a Milan fan! 

I have to go to bed but I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Congrats to my cousin Oscar Andres who got married this weekend! I was able to see his sister on skype today and it was really nice. I am very grateful for having such a wonderful family!


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